Role of Committees

Role of Governors

Purpose of Governors

  • To support and encourage the Head in the school improvement process
  • To encourage participation with staff and appropriate delegation

To encourage participation with staff and appropriate delegation

Shared Vision and Goals

  • To participate in the vision of the school and setting goals.
  • To review and monitor the vision

A Learning Environment

  • To ensure the physical environment is conducive to learning

Concentration on Teaching and Learning

  • To visit school to observe and feedback to Governing Body

Purposeful Teaching

  • To be a “critical” friend

High Expectations

  • To emphasise governors support for high expectations for all
  • To communicate to staff / parents

Positive Reinforcement

  • To ensure this key part of the behaviour code
  • To feedback to staff and Head on improvements

Monitor Progress

  • To ensure that the whole school and class progress is monitored regularly and evaluated.
  • To ensure action is taken

Pupil rights and Responsibilities

  • To encourage school to give responsibility to pupils

Home School Partnership

  • To encourage parental involvement

A Learning Organisation

  • To allow time in the budget for staff development, staff consultation, leaders working with other staff

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