Extra Curricular Clubs

We aim to offer a wide range of extra activites for the children to enjoy – not only does it develop their skills but also enahances their overall well-being and help raise their aspirations.

The vast majority of these activities are FREE –

Great importance is given to outside school activities, such as sporting and musical events and any official school activity. We welcome parental support in these activities when a pupil is selected to represent the school. Extra curricular activities include:

Monday – Irish Dancing / Rugby / Film Club
Tuesday – Netball and KS1 and KS2 football
Wednesday – Glee Club and Multiskills
Thursday – Before school – Streetdance / after school- Yoga
Friday – Gymnastics

These clubs are subject to seasonal change.

All children are encouraged to attend the activities arranged for their specific year groups. Written consent is required from parents and guardians before any activities are undertaken –this includes consent for sporting events and competitions which usually take place after school or during the weekend.

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