Outdoor play

Outdoor play is part of the curriculum in the nursery; the children are able to choose to play outdoors or indoors during the session. There are opportunities for the children to learn in all areas of the curriculum outdoors as well as indoors. Please make sure that your child has a coat, scarf, gloves etc. that are appropriate for the weather as the children often choose to play outdoors even in very cold weather.

Home-school links

We love sharing what your child has been up to at Nursery. Each week we will upload information about our current topics, photographs of your children and any extra information onto ‘Class Dojo’. These will be in each child’s personal portfolio and are only accessible by you. We also encourage parents to add to these, with any experiences the children may have at home.

Library books

Each week your child will choose a book from our class library. This book is for you to share with your child, but we do advise that you also join the Coventry library.


Your child will be following a structured phonics program of Letters and Sounds. We will be focussing on listening skills and the skills that your child will need for formal phonics teaching e.g. to be able to hear sounds in words.


Maths will be taught in a purposeful, practical way and children will use play and exploration to develop new mathematical skills. A lot of mathematical work is practical and learning will happen in many different ways in both the indoor and outdoor learning areas.

Snack Time

Fruit and milk or water is provided free for your child each morning. Children are in a ‘fruit group’ for their snack. Children are in either the ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ or ‘Gruffalo’ groups.

Learning Journeys

Over the year we compile a scrap book of your child’s learning. These are called ‘Learning Journeys’ and include photographs and observations of your child. The children’s learning journeys are in the book area of the classroom and are there for you to share with your child.

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