Mini-Vinnies and Chaplaincy team

At Our Lady of The Assumption, we believe that part of Catholic life should involve reaching out to the community around us and taking part in parish life. We are therefore excited to announce two groups which will give the children an opportunity to do this – the GIFT Chaplaincy team and the Mini Vinnies.

The GIFT chaplaincy team are a group of highly motivated children who are dedicated to honouring the Catholic faith. Through supporting our Masses, assemblies, class worship and school events, they will promote prayer and catholic life in our school. They will set an example to those around them by living out the Gospels and raising the profile of our school within the parish community.

The Mini Vinnies are a group of children who follow the example of St Vincent DePaul. Our motto ‘Turning concern into action’ is lived out through actions and events which reach out to those in our community who are in need. These include, taking part in charitable events, such as the Macmillan coffee morning, selling poppies during the month of November. We visit people in local care homes at Christmas and have previously hosted afternoon tea for members of the parish.

With these two groups, we at Our Lady’s hope to improve the spiritual wellbeing and catholic life of our school and the community that surrounds it, supporting the church and also its parishioners. We aim to improve the lives of those around us, spreading our message and positivity.

Keep an eye out for updates on what these two exciting groups are up to next!

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