Our Lady’s School Story 2023

Reception Class

Once upon a time there lived a wonderful group of children.  Their happy home was at the top of a very snowy mountain.  They had heard about an amazing treasure chest that was full to the very top with shiny gold coins.  One day they decided to set off and find the treasure…

Year 3

Excitedly and bursting with curiosity, carrying the treasure map which they had discovered in a mysterious cave near the top of the mountain, they followed the clues.  What would they find? Just golden coins or more valuable things?  As they looked left and then to the right, they saw a yeti crazily chasing a yak.  Would the yeti lead them to the treasure?

Year 4

In fear, the group of children started to run away as the yeti started chasing them. Sprinting in all directions the children thought the terrifying monster would eventually lose the children, and it did. Bobby, who was carrying the treasure map, realised he had dropped it. Whilst trying to find the map an avalanche of snow suddenly rolled towards them like a tsunami.  As they ran, they spotted a rusty trap door which they opened and jumped into the darkness. The snow slammed the door shut, when they opened their eyes they saw a rock with a red button on it…

Year 5

Tempted, they all looked at each other, and started to lean forwards towards the red button. Out of nowhere, a voice in the distance screamed, “Stop!”

As quick as lightening, Bobby slammed his hand down on the red button. “Bobby, what have you done!?”
Crumbling, the floor began to separate revealing a long spiral staircase, which led down into the depths of darkness. At the side of the staircase, there was a sign reading, ‘Mrs Dixon’s Daring Dungeon’.

The children heard loud pounding footsteps, keys jingling and the voice approaching closer, continuing to shout, “Stop!” Gradually, the staircase started to disappear and, one by one, the children ran down the steps towards the dungeon. Something outrageous, something astonishing, something gruesome halted them in their tracks…    

Year 1

Standing in front of the children was Mrs Dixon but not just any Mrs Dixon, a big, bad witch version of Mrs Dixon! Standing behind Mrs Dixon was Mrs Askew… the vampire! Under her arm she was carrying a large cauldron ready to boil the children alive. Bobby screamed “Help!” and tried to run away but was trembling with fear. All of a sudden, vampire Mrs Askew turned to Mrs Dixon and kicked her into the cauldron….

Year 2

“Noooo! It burns! Someone save me!” cried Mrs Dixon.

What a nightmare! How were they all going to get out of this madness?

Suddenly, out of the darkness, strutted Mrs Kelleher wearing a luminous orange cape and a brown bandana. “I will save you!” exclaimed Mrs Kelleher, yielding her incredible Jaffa-Cake blaster!

Like bullets, the Jaffa-Cakes began firing across the room, splatting Mrs Dixon and Mrs Askew in the face.

Year 6

A delicious smile grew across Mrs Askew’s face, she licked her lips and mumbled: “Jaffa Cakes my favourites.” Suddenly, Mrs Askew began to catch the flying Jaffa Cakes in her mouth and for many minutes was extremely enjoying the experience.

“This isn’t meant to happen,” cried Mrs Kelleher. “I’m going to need back up!” She quickly sent out her beacon of biscuits, hoping her friends were close by to help.

Before back up could arrive, Mrs Askew abruptly fell to the floor…had she eaten too many? Her body began to shake and the children watched in horror as her body turned and shook…Mrs Askew was turning into a giant Jaffa Cake.

BANG! Speedily, two unusual creatures ran in to the children’s and Mrs Kelleher’s aid. “What’s going on?” shouted Ladybird Walker.

“We are here to help,” waddled in Caterpillar Marshall.

The children looked at each other…jaws dropping to the floor…maybe we should have stayed at home today and completed our homework instead.

“We want to get out of this mess. This is not the treasure we were promised,” one of the children said.

“I think it’s pretty good treasure,” replied Bobby.

The creatures had a plan. The children all climbed onto Caterpillar Marshall’s back and with the power of Ladybird Walker’s wings everyone was able to fly out of the cave and to safety…well they thought everyone.

As they sat down and enjoyed one of Mrs Kelleher’s Jaffa Cakes, the children noticed a member was missing…Bobby.

They thought about going back to rescue him but little did they know, Bobby was quite happily enjoying his own Jaffa cake. Bobby had happily finished eating the giant Jaffa Cake that was once Mrs Askew.

Who knew Jaffa Cakes could be treasure? Still today, no one has seen or heard from Bobby-the-Head-Teacher-Destroyer…

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